Fitbit Premium Program: Beginner Running. A Mid-program Check-in.

Fitbit has given out 90-day free trials of fitbit premium, so I decided to try it. I have been working on improving my running so I wanted to try their Beginner Running program. Plus, it has an added bonus of getting me outside, which we all need right now (I am still keeping my distance from anyone while I am out-no worries!) This program is 3 weeks long with 3 workouts a week and I am just about at the halfway point (4 workouts completed) so I thought I would check in with my experience so far.

Week one included the following:

Day 1: Walking Interval Medley – Alternating between a recovery stroll and medium-power walks for 37 minutes. Estimated calories burned: 217

Day2: Mindful Walking – Started and ended with a stroll and had a regular walk and medium walk in the middle for 20 minutes. Estimated calories burned: 102

Day 3: Fartlek Fun – Alternated between a medium walk and a fast jog for 35 minutes. Estimated calories burned: 237

Week two workout:

Day 1: Start Jogging: Alternate between a medium walk and a jog for 29 minutes. Estimated calories burned: 147

My thoughts so far:

The difficulty of the workouts seem all over the place. If I was truly a beginner, I would have been struggling hard on the third day. The order should have been Mindful Walking, Walking Interval Medley, Start Jogging and then Fartlek Fun. Also, how ridiculous is that name? It is pronounced how it seems and they continue to joke about it during the workout.

I have enjoyed the coaches so far. I like the encouragement they provide throughout the workouts and their instructions are easy to follow. The estimated calories are also pretty close to what my fitbit records – I have the blaze model with a heartrate monitor.

I will check back in at the end of the program, but so far this does not seem to be for beginners. It does seem to be for someone like me that is not a consistent runner and is getting back into it. I am enjoying it though!

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